Outpatient Endoscopy Referrals

Peripatetic outpatient endoscopy procedures from local GP practices, secondary and tertiary multidisciplinary specialist hospitals.

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About Us

Endoscopy Vet Referrals was started by Dr Elise Robertson over 15 years ago, with the aim of providing high-quality, efficient and accessible peripatetic services for veterinary practices in East Sussex, West Sussex, Surrey, Kent, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, North London, SE London, SW London and Central London. As a mobile referral consultant, Elise travels to the referring practice to perform out-patient canine and feline endoscopy procedures.

Why Choose Us?

Two Decades of Clinical Endoscopy & Teaching Experience

Leading Endoscopy Services across the UK, Asia & the Middle East

Over 7500 Successful Procedures Nationally & Internationally

We offer an experienced, accessible, approachable, reliable and time-efficient suite of endoscopy services for veterinary colleagues based in general practice settings, secondary clinical centres and tertiary multidisciplinary specialist hospitals. 

Veterinary Endoscopy Procedures

Specialist Services

We offer a range of advanced endoscopic services from secondary clinical centres and tertiary multidisciplinary specialist hospitals in UK, Asia and Middle East. 

EVR work collaboratively with The Ralph to provide 360° endoscopic care which allows us to perform more complex procedures from our chosen tertiary multidisciplinary specialist hospital.

Environmental Sustainability & Social Responsibility

EVR is committed to improving the environmental impact of it’s business operations including carbon offsetting of our inevitable C02 emissions during clinic visits. We attempt to reduce our carbon footprint in the form of electric hybrid transportation, ‘carbon credits’ and eco-friendly sterilisation technology.

Carbon Offsetting Credits

These contributions support certified projects which aim to protect and restore ecosystems and implement projects which empower local communities to engage in sustainable practices. This simply means we’re all trying to do our part in mitigating our carbon footprint whilst continuing to provide you with our personalised service.

Ozone Sterilisation Technology

Eco-friendly waste and chemical-free sterilisation process which relies on limited energy resources. Ozone technology is safe for employees and patients, and does not harm the environment. Parameters are monitored to guarantee process efficiency and effective destruction of all microorganisms (bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses and spores).

Social Responsibility

We are working with StreetVet and industry partners in improving the provision of practical endoscopy CPD for veterinary professionals whilst providing a vital community service for people, and their pets, experiencing homelessness. One of StreetVet’s key aims is to protect and promote the human/animal bond by striving to keep pets together with their owners. Endoscopy means faster procedures, smaller/less painful wounds, faster recovery and faster return to pet owner living out on the streets.

Education, Training & Course Enrolment

Dr Elise Robertson lectures at international congresses, conferences and universities delivering undergraduate and post-graduate endoscopy education (UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, SE Asia, China and Australia).

If you would like to book Dr Elise Robertson FRCVS to speak at a conference, congress, or to deliver hands-on practical training, please get in touch.